Flight crew

Our highly experienced flight crew will make sure your flight will be safe and pleasant. All flights are staffed by two pilot crews under a command of captains with thousands of air miles and an experience from a number of airports on all the continents. Our pilots have completed training in a prestigious training centre Flight Safety in Paris and that is where they undergo their regular Reccurence check in handling exceptional and emergency situations. By this method we can assure the maximum level of safety on board of our planes.

Air hostess of Silesia Airlines fulfil high requirements for pleasant and aesthetical style and knowledge of foreign languages. Their target is to make you feel even more safe and comfortable during your flight.

Ground crew

Our Ground crew has had a long experience in flight dispatching and is thus a guarantee of a faultless accomplishment of your flight. Our planes are in hands of technicians and mechanics who are specialized in this kind of aircraft. All planes are regularly and thoroughly checked and have to pass through technical inspections. Our company is obliged to follow all strict international rules regarding business air transport and undergoes regular audits of the state supervisory authority. Our 24 hours Operational office is at any moment ready to react flexibly to changes in your schedule.